Ruan Rosé

Marketing Theory into Practice

March 2015 – Jun 2016

Ruan Rosé was the practical application of what I learned in IPP ISCAP + My Natural Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Here I will expose some nice materials of what was developed during this time. Enjoy


Ruan Rose was born as a male apparel brand focused on jewellery made from high-quality stainless steel.
It operated exclusively on the Internet. On a Website using Joomla as a CMS and in social media (Facebook)

The idea was born due to a current trend in Portugal, male teenagers and young adults [15-35] started adopting this type of product in their everyday lives as a representation of their personality.

It was a new, fast-growing market. both online and offline competition was almost non-existent for a brief period of 6-12 months. Only 1 company had the exact same positioning.

Later, other companies (more capitalized) embraced this opportunity setting up pop-up stores in shopping centres and grabbing a big portion of the market share due to Portuguese consumer behaviour that preferred physical stores to online buying.

This activity was done as a hobby and to apply theoretical concepts from my marketing graduation into a real-life business.
The majority of the stock was sold, margins were between 300%-400%

Project was abandoned due to the increasing need of capital and time to keep it running.

The Logo

The year was 2015 and Circular Logos were trending in the Western World, and Portugal was no Exclusion. They also fitted nicely on Social Media Platforms.

We started with the 1st Logo. The Colours and lettering were widely approved by our target audience.

A 2nd Logo was created with the Slogan of the Project: “Tu et Belle” with a clear reference to France and French Fashion/Style. Widely approved by the Portuguese Market.

The 3rd Logo was an Attempt to go Neutral and match the Luxury Brands such as Armani, Dolce Gabanna.
Our brand wasn’t strong enough and it had a bad reaction from the Market.

The 4th and other Logos were an attempt to enter the Female Apparel Market. Highly Profitable and with a much bigger rotation of stocks and bigger order in size, smaller in unitary price. This logos were not Released.

Later on, a Tag Style Logo was launched, Slick, Modern and Perfect to Include in Tags and Business Cards that were going to be in our Products. It also opened the door to the Premium Product Line. And to give a more modern approach, All brands started to apply to Round Concept to their Logos.


Tu et Belle – Para Homens Modernos | You are Beautiful – For Modern Man

Ruan Rosé is for the Modern Man, A Work-Class individual that paves is way into life, embracing traditional roles but at the same time, rebelling against the status quo, the Hat presence is Important as Hats themselves were originally only used by Females, the same as Apparel Accessories that Ruan Rosé sold. 

The message was clear, Association of Traditional, Alpha-Male figure with freedom of expression in wearing apparel without being perceived as passive Male.

The Audience loved it.


Live the Life you Deserve Campaign

With the Progress and Brand Dynamics and the approval of our audience more we found a niche market the Gym Male Adults that were particularly engaged in purchasing this type of Product.

Ruan Rosé was there using Male Models Promoting, once again the Alpha Male Figure using Ruan Rosé products and affirming their presence in Society.

Being this group the Reference Group of our Audience, the Campaign was a great Sucess. 

Be Different Campaign

The Be Different Campaign consisted of appealing to Successful Professionals to be themselves. Using a Beard, Extravagant Clothing, Watches, Vintage items and of course Ruan Rosé Male Apparel Items.

We picked up the Hipster trend since the beginning, and we were innovators in communication and product placement in the Portuguese Market.

Our Products

The Big majority of the Items were made in 316L Stainless Steel, or Rubber or Leather, here you can see all of them.

Sales Promotion

Near to June, it was decided that we were going to close the project so we decided to Stock off, here are some images of the campaigns.

Thank you for your Attention