3 Ways of Optimizing Display Ads.

Discover 3 Ways of Optimizing your Display Ads.

Display Adds were born as a great way to advertise in the digital world, exposing the user to advertising in this environment, that is, another channel where the customer is in contact with the brand.

This made wonders to marketers, who saw an effective way of using a single tool to achieve various goals, such as traffic generation and consequent exposure to the marketing funnel, increased success in business campaigns, promote branding and as bonus increase Brandlift (interaction of the user with the brand).

But like everything else, if we’re going to do it, let it be brilliant!

A June 2017 study by the Board of Marketing Directors in the US in partnership with Dow Jones tells us that there are a number of companies that spend their precious online communication budget on Display Ads in a damaging way, since there are users who, instead of staying with positive brand associations and knowing what was announced, report complete disinterest and even discomfort!

  • What kind of advertising bothers you the most?

22% Intrusive Pop-Up Ads.

17% Auto-Play Video Ads.

10% Text-only ads with the purpose of redirecting the user to another website.

10% Ads that appear before loading the page chosen by the user.

  • Consumers are already taking action!

55% – Already use (41%) or plans to use (14%) some way to block ads on their mobile devices and / or internet browser on their computer.

66% say that the discomfort caused by the ads undermines their view of the brand and reduces the likelihood of doing business with the brand.

The Marketer is facing a huge dilemma right now;

So, how to solve this question?

How can I ensure that my Display Adds have the desired effect?

I will present a list with 3 suggestions to increase the productivity of Display Adds, thereby “increasing” your digital communication budget.

  1. Produce an pleasant ad, clear and easy to read.

While it may seem a bit obvious, there are many professionals who do not pay enough attention to producing a quality piece of communication that appeals to and captivates the potential customer.

Although, it is something that is seen less and less today I can cross with some pieces like this: (image)

Do not ask me how this is possible, I do not know!

My comment to this: The Free Market will take care of teaching the company to improve the way they advertise.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Images and Graphics on the left and text on the right side.
  • Logo on the bottom right-hand corner, with a reasonable size.
  • When using human models, guide them to the CTA.
  • Give emphasis to words that have emotion.
  • Use rational appeals to new markets and emotional appeals for more mature markets.


  1. Avoid intrusive and compulsory methods.

As I said above, the announcement of the Pop-Up type and Auto-Play video adds is something that bothers the user. So why are we going to continue to use it?

Pop-Up adds make perfect sense on the company’s own page when the customer is viewing our content, driving it and increasing conversions.

However, they make no sense when a customer is reading interesting news about a subject on a third-party website and an ad appears about something else, usually nothing related to the news.

In the case of Youtube, this allows you to choose different types of advertising, so NEVER choose Non-Skippable ads, if you want to make a video, do it in the format of 5 Sec Skip and in those 5 seconds do everything to capture the attention of the user.

Therefore, you guarantee that only those interested come to your website and that no one begs you plagues!

  1. Be aware where your ads are running.

The place of the advertisement is as important as the content of the advertisement, since an advertisement placed on a less-than-own site may have negative effects on the brand, even if it fulfills all the other requirements mentioned above.

For a more detailed explanation see Programmatic Display Ads: The Black Side.

The discomfort caused by ads undermines brand opinion and reduces the likelihood of a business occurring.

Rationalizing and Optimizing the resources available is an imperative, not today, but from the beginning of humanity, achieving efficiency gains, we can achieve competitive advantages, taking the company a step further and with that our career and future.


João R Freitas.

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