Excellence: The Only Way

Excellence is the ONLY way to the success of individuals, companies and, consequently, the country.

But what is excellence? Excellence is, in a broad sense, the best possible condition of something, ranging from the simplest to the most complex. With an increasingly demanding consumer and with an increasing number of players in the market of the most diverse goods and services excellence is then assumed as a basic requirement to succeed in revenge in the market, this approach serves for all levels individual, company and country.


For excellence to be achieved there are 2 very important aspects to take into account, most importantly: The Personality of the Individual.

Personality, the initiative must always start from each of us, want to do more, want to do better, want to overcome the average, deep down wanting to be the best and be recognized!

Be better than anyone? Our biggest adversary is ourselves, when we allow ourselves to be corrupted by the settling plague… by “let it pass” that generates frustration in the long run. Excellence allows us to fulfill all our dreams, at all levels.

The Central Idea is, If I can do it well, why shouldn’t I do it?

As Excellence only depends on us, we can start at this very moment in the simplest things, starting at home with making the bed in a perfect way and not in any way, at work, regardless of any function, excellence can be practiced, whether to “serve coffee, a pint and a burger” as to make strategic plan decisions in companies, every individual anywhere in the organizational pyramid must cultivate excellence, not only if it increases productivity but can generate more value.

We all know that there are many ways to do our work, we learn this since the school benches, we can do what we are asked to do, and stick to it and we take an average grade or we can do more and better and take a straight A.

To all this, there is another question, that is, excellence has to be compensated in a fair way, otherwise you lose the reason to put so much effort on it.

When an individual works on his or her own account the results and their compensation occur naturally, when an individual works for others, the employer should give space to his employee if he exceeds his mission and therefore be compensated, creating a spiral of success within the organization.

The Marketing Vision must prevail. Affirming itself as the management philosophy that puts the client first, this concept must be absorbed at all levels already addressed here, as 1st Step for excellence.

In the end, what is work? It consists of a simple provision of a service that has in return the obtaining of an income. Summing up, the employer is the customer, and we the service provider, and the better the result of our work, according to classical economics theory, more perceived quality by the costumers, that want’s more quantity of that produtc, maintaining the quantity produced, the price goes up, applying the parallel, goes up the compensation given to the individual by the employer.

As the work initially done by the employee excellent quality, the employer will guarantee the maintenance of its clientele and also be able to increase the number of them, because the quality of the service, the first customers “boasted” of having had a service so well provided to their peers, we then enter a cycle of growth. Individual – Company – Country.

Excellence, an Endless Mission, but highly rewarding.

João R Freitas

The Winter is Coming: The Next Global Recession

The Winter is Coming: The Next Global Recession

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The Central Bank policies of printing money through quantitative easing halted the sinking of the ship, but the damage was still there, it was only a short relief with serious consequences.

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The Loss of Identity in Luxury Automakers.

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