COVID19: The End of Mankind?

If there’s something that the Corona Virus (COVID19) came to prove, once again, is the Power of Communication, Repetition and that the world of today is the same of 2000 Years Ago. Only the tools changed.

One of the Most Innocuous Virus that struck humanity served as a excuse to trigger measures by the governments that resemble the Black Death 700 Years Ago.

This, of course, was only possible due to the absurd panic and general alarmism provoked by the Media that covered this outbreak in a deliberate misleading way, playing with the human psyche and fears in order to “survive” in such a “noisy” world.

And that’s why the COVID19 is The Big Hoax

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The Media: COVID19 The End of Mankind?

The Amount of Titles that were published since the End of December up to now is absolutely absurd. It’s everywhere, newspapers, RSS, onlinepapers, Apps, blogs, youtube, television, radio, podcasts…
And because nowadays we carry a Smartphone on our pockets, even when we are in the toilet doing our private affairs we are bombarded with a Coming Pandemic that even though in Inocuous, it’s infecting thousands of people and occasionally some die, so the next could be you or your family, or even your Dog.

The Media is Salivating for more cases of infections, the more and more spreaded out, the better. If people die, the better as well, it is created more Panic and Fear and therefore will keep the Public more Engaged with the Topic and most likely Search for more Information and spend more time on their Platforms.

Creating this Hype is not Easy, but at the Same time is not Hard, you just need to Appeal to the Basic Human Need of Survival and without lying make the individual think he his in some sort of danger for his life.

Source: Pinterest

Satire Break

The Most Dedicated Pet Owners Rushed to  start ordering Hazmat Suits for their Loved Furry Friends in order to Save their Doggies and Kittens from this New Decimating Pandemic – The COVID19 – It even has a Scary Name.

Manufacturers cannot keep up with the Demand as they sent their workers home in fears of infection… Seems Like the Hazmat Suit is great for Infection Prevention but not as a Working Garment.

The War for Your Attention

It’s well know that the Media Survives due to Advertising Revenue, Because Business Owners and Organizations want to Communicate a Message to the Reader of that specific Publisher or Just to “Spread the Word” depending.

With the Decrease of Readers of the Printed Versions due to several reasons not covered in this article and due to the growth of time spent surfing the web, on social media and in apps traditional and new Media Outlets face a Worldwide War for the Attention of the Readers as they now Compete not only with their National Outlets but also International and Also with Independent Outlets.

The War for Clicks

Clicks to the Media Pages Generate Traffic, this traffic is measured by number of Sessions and Number of Unique Users going to a Website. The More Traffic a Website has, the Better, as it has more Users being Exposed to the Articles and more Importantly to the Advertisement on the Website.

Because this Individuals are very Engaged and Eager to consume this Information not Only they will Click Through but also they will view more articles, spend more time on the website, being affected by more advertisement and therefore, Increasing the Probability of Clicking on it. This is the 2nd Level of Revenue for Publishers. Even Better if it Happens that One of the Advertisers is an Hazmat Suit Company and he Buys it because he is living in a City that is in Current Lockdown because 50 people are Sick.
Buying the Product seen on the Add of the Publisher is the 3rd Level of Revenue.

Not Only of Current Revenue by itself, but also, serves has Historical Data to Sell ads to Future Advertisers, possibly at an Increased Rate, Because… Well… “We Have the Numbers”…

The End of Manking?

No! Just the End of some of your time and energy that you dedicated firstly to read the content, and then to believe on it, and afterwords to continue consuming it.

Even worse if you allocated your savings to buy some Hazmat suits for yourself or your Pet.

Source: Google Trends | Hazmat Suit Term Searched in Google Trends for the Past 90 Days Worldwide, Related Top Term – Corona Virus.

I would not be surprised if some people actually ordered some according to the ammount of people who searched for it and the degree of Panic Created.

Economic Consequences of the COVID19 Hoax

Do you Know Someone who wasn’t affected by the COVID19 Big Hoax? If you do, soon enough you will not!

As Previously Mentioned the Hype and Widespread Panic Created by the Media and the Tyranical Measures Imposed by Governments firstly in China and then in Europe affected and will affect the wellbeing of Billions of People.

1st Stage – Production/Consumption Halt

The Creation of Havoc & Panic has its effects very well documented.
People, due to fear of the unkown and instability postpone their purchasing decisions. And they might even change them.


Family A was going to buying a New BMW. They Also Pre-Booked a week in the Italian Alps in a Sky Station for 5 Days. They would pass by Milan to do some fancy shopping and give some lemon gelato to their offspring.

1 – The Media and NGOs create a Hype
2 – Governments take tyranical measures.

Family A Imediately decides the Cancel their Booking. Because;
– The Region is going to be in a Lockdown, Nothing is going to be Open.
– They might catch COVID19 and be subjected to be in Quarantine.
– They might be caught in a Lockdown Area and not be able to leave.
– They might not be able to come back due to flight cancelations or travel restrictions imposed by their local government

Not the Ideal Holidays.

Family A Postpones Buying a New BMW. Because;
– Uncertanty in regards to the Future
– Might need the Money for Urgent Needs
– Some Companies are suspending Work, “Am I going to be Layed off?”
– “What if the Plague comes here?”

The Results 

1st Wave – The Hotel, Restaurants, Bar, Ski Gear Renting, Car Rental or Taxi Drivers, Parquimetres, Air Flight Operator, Airport etc Immediately took a loss in sales and not only on 1 Booking, but on many thousand.

2nd Wave – There’s also going to be less consumption of products such as Petrol, Overall Food & Drinks, and overal services provided, like Laundry, Cleaning, Waiters, Drivers, in short, General Staff.

3rd Wave – All of those in the 1st group Lost Purchasing Power and there’s a general repercussion through the economy to almost every economic activity having proper consequences on the jobs of this last groups

In General, everyone gets worse off with some sort of Ban, Restriction, Regulation, Limitation to Commerce, Services, or Any Trade.

If an Individual Strives for the Maximization of the wellbeing of Humanity as a whole or their local community, they must, at the same time, persue the abolition of any sorts of regulations on trade.

2nd Stage – Imposed Lockdown

When I Started Writing this Article in Mid February, some of the Measures Presented in Part 1 of this Article were already obscene and absolutely disproportionate. I Still Maintain my Position and my Reasoning.

Nowadays we have Governments that enacted Emergency State and Pre-Martial Law measures to fight against the Corona Virus (COVID19) the measures imposed include enforced lockdown of all “non-essential” business activies (basically all business’s but shops, pharmacies, petrol stations and other similar activities), gatherings of >4 Individuals, non freedom of movement, not even to the beach/mountain/garden to spread the legs.

What Happens now?

It Happens that the Money Circulation Stops.

What is Money?

Money is just a tool to aid trade that’s mutually beneficial to both parties.

What happens in Reality when you buy something you are not, in fact buying somoething, but just conducting a trade.
For the Common Men, In order for them to have “money”, previously, they had to employ their existance (time and skills) in something that maintained themselves, and if something spares out of that, they can trade it for something that goes along your own taste, desires and needs with another person that provides that goods/services and that desires what they have to offer.

Money came to simplify this process, as everyone recognises value in a certain object and that object (money) is, therefore, accepted universally inside a certain community.
Traditionally, Gold, Silver and other metals had this role, and they still today have worldwise acceptance.
Nowadays, each country or economic area have their own currency, and their citizens and business don’t accept other regions currency, if you’re lucky they do, with a generous premium.

So, as the economy developed itself, instead of a carpenter trading spare chairs that he produced by Chickens, Corn, Clothing etc. They started trading chairs by this object (money) and using this object to purchase the goods that attend to their wishes.

Consequences of a Lockdown

Engaging into a Lockdown, imposed by the government or provoked by the Hype of the Media and therefore “free” only has negative consequences. None is Positive.
But, in fairness, we only need to worry about the 1st, because it’s the only one that castrates an individual freedom, the ones who want to do it due to their choice just need to be resposible by their actions and collect the fruits or pains of it.

Comment over the COVID19 Lockdown

The Health Advocates would say, well, it slows down the spreading of Corona Virus (COVID19) giving more time so that everybody can the treated and have access to all means to take care of this outbreak, minimizing the infected (for how long) and, therefore, diminishing the possible fatalities.

I think that nobody advocates against the preservation of life, and to make all possible efforts to save the ones in need. Regardless of Age and General Conditions.

A lockdown is only going to make the problem even bigger.
And it will, result in the exponential increase of suffering and deaths of not only the affected group (>60 YO) but also all the others, the young and the healthy, nobody is going to escape the consequences of suspension of trade.
Specially the most vulnerable, the Children, that are Not Affected by this outbreak, but that are highly dependant on their parents, this ones, that are going to be without a source of income, therefore, being subjected to more debilitated overall health, developing problems that might very well have live-long repercurssions. Making a full life of suffering.

A Lockdown means the Suspension of Trade. That means that an Individual is not capable of trading their produce for a produce of another.

An Advanced Economy stands for Mutually Dependent Communities.

I Make the Reader a Question. Are you the Producer of what you Consume?
Do you raise your own vegetables? Meat? Knit your Clothing? Produce your Gasoline? Concept, Design and built your own House? And even if you are able to do it, where are you going to get the raw materials?

Our Society became advance as the Division of Labour became more and more present. The more specialized the worker and task the bigger output and efficiency (less resources, produce more units) at the same time it made us more dependent on one another. This delevoped in a Natural way as is accepted by all of us in society.

The Suspension of trade, brings the common man back to times before the Romans, were small communities lived in a self-maintained way and like everybody knows, in a very poor overall state.
Speaking of the Roman Empire, one of the reasons why the Western Roman Empire collapsed was due to an overwhelming degree of regulations and limitations to trade, each of them trying to solve a problem and creating a much bigger problem on other situations. One of the things that actually broke the Empire and Launched Europe into some sort of Pre-Medieval Times was the Imposition of Maximum Prices on certain Goods. This Broke the Supply Chain (Trade) of several goods that were regulated even leading to the starvation of the populace in the cities, widely dependant of Food Stocks from another city and providing, for instance, processed goods, like fancy clothing, musical instruments, furniture etc.

The Fall of Rome – The Course of an Empire | Thomas Cole 1833-1836

Individuals started leaving the cities and going to the country side in search of Food, on the Country side the Noble man owner of the Estate now could not purchase fancy clothing, Tools, Furniture, etc. So he started developing that on his own estate.
Each estate was now in some way independant and self maintained, with that, knowledge, science and development, mastery of professions and craftmanship was all lost and had to be “restarted” when the Huns invaded the Roman Empire, the Empire was only on paper has it was completely Fragmented and they found easy place conquering what was left remaining and weakened.

COVID19 Lockdown

If a Simple Measure of Price Control had the effects it had on the Roman Empire, Imagine a Full Lockdown on almost all trade, and forced closure of economic activities.

In the USA it started heavy – 3.3M apply for Unemployment, Absurd Hike never saw in American History.

Many are to Follow in America and in the rest of the world. Entire Families out of Job, in Debt, without the possibility to Work. A Lot of Business Closing, therefore, less supply of goods and services, business owners in debt. Without supply of Good, Prices go up, demand remaining the same.
For the basic goods, demand will keep the same, but for all the other good will sharply decline, putting all the economy in a terrible state that is going to take way more than 10 years to recover.

Wealth translates into quality of life and longer life expectancy as a person who his more well fed and has less exposure to harmfull conditions not only has a better quality of life in terms of comfort but also disease related.

Government Support doesn’t work as the Government has its revenue from the economy, taken, by force from the people.

Some will say, well Let’s go in debt in the international markets… Ok… but who is going to borrow you money? And at what price? Let’s print money… And distributed to individuals and companies that got affected. Ok… You get Inflation, you’re trading something that doesn’t stoof at any point for saved production to something that physically exists. And Remeber…. Now, there are less people supplying goods. Let’s wype paying Interests, Mortgages, and Bills. Ok… More Unemployment and the collapse of the remaining jobs.

The Solution

Because the Lockdown is already in Operation and there’s no going back on that there’s only One Way to try to make this only 10 Years and Not More.

1st Step: End the Lockdown, Resume Life as Normal.
2nd Step: Reduction of the State in the Economy

– Abolition of the Vast Majority of Regulations on ALL Aspects of Life.
– Tax Rates not Higher than 10% on Everything, many of them being completely scrapped.
– Phased Layoff of Public Officials in order they are converted to the Private (productive) Economy.
– Government should be keep to their core functions: Courts, Law Enforcement, Defense, Infrastructures, Foreign Affairs and Emergency Wellfare.

This is the Only Way we can get out of this and even thrive as Free, Independent Individuals and at the same time, to maximize the probability of prevailing as a culture. This is the ONLY WAY for EVERYONE to be better off after this situation.

Cui Bono? Forecast and Theories

Above all this section of my essay has no intention whatsoever to be a Conspiracy Theory block but just to give some possible ideas to the reader and let himself follow the path he wishes in a free way. Freedom, something that is dearer every second since the late XIX Century, increasing its “price” exponentially since the 2000s

Who Looses?

The Ordinary Man:
It’s Likeky that he is going to loose his Job, and if he bought a house during this hype on Housing Prices, he’s going to loose is house as well, and maybe the car as well if was bought on credit as well. Not only because he will have a substancial decrease in income but also because, by the time the companies start hiring again, due to the absurd increase of supply in labour force the wages will, necessarily, go down. So, Enjoy your days at home well before you need to pack your stuff and leave, the same with the car, do some donuts and drifting before you need to return it.

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