COVID19 – A Real Threat?

Is the Corona Virus (COVID19) so Harmful, so Dangerous and so “Killing” that we should simply lock ourselves at home and even worse, force others to be in that same condition even against their own will?

Does COVID19 kills randomly? Who is more Likely to Perish? Did humanity faced any other similar outbreak? What can we do?

What is the Cost of Freedom? Do I even want to be a Free Man? Is COVID19 an HOAX or a Real Human Health Threat and Problem?

If there’s something that the Corona Virus (COVID19) came to prove, once again, is the Power of Communication, Repetition and that the world of today is the same of 2000 Years Ago. Only the tools changed.

I will let the Judgement for the Reader to make, as for me the most Important thing in Life, is Freedom. 

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COVID19 – The Numbers

Last updated: February 29, 2020, 16:00 GMT | Source:

Number of Cases: 85.733
Recovered: 39.797
Fatalities: 2.933

Currently Infected People: 43.003
Mild Condition: 35.185
Serious Condition: 7.818

Mortality Rate: 3.4% *

*This number is a Simple Mathematical Ratio = (Total Deaths)/(Total Cases) 

By these numbers, that are offical numbers reported by all affected countries we can already acknoledge many things that the Media does not tell You.

Firstly, the Number of Active Cases, that is currently Dimishing every single day, not due to a great increase in deaths but, as you can see Below in the Graphics, due to the Increase in Recovered Cases

Secondly, the Number of Recovered Cases from the Outbreak without any Vaccine.
It’s a Huge Number that only tends to Grow as the Graphs will Show Bellow.
Green Being Recovered Cases, and Orange for the Death Cases, in % of Total Closed Cases.

So we already know that only around 3.4% of the Patients die From the Corona Virus (COVID19)
Few Questions Remain…
Where is the Virus Outspread, what are Ages of this Individuals, and also, did they had any Previous Conditions?

Where | Age Groups | Previous Conditions



The Majority of Cases Concentrate in China, with more than 92% of the Cases.
This is where the Outbreak has Started and Also where Entire Communities Suffer the Terrorist Actions of the Chinese Communist Government.
Some of those Include:
– Full Cities Being Lockdown and Citizens Unable to Leave.
– Forced displacement to Centralized Quarantine Units
– Forced Quarantine at Home
– Tracking Movements of Citizens through QR-Code Tags.
– Police Brutality Against those not wearing Masks or complying with the measures.

This Measures are Currently Affecting 57.000.000 People as we Speak. A Glimpse of Tiranny not only Exclusive to Communist China;


Some of this Measures are already not Exclusive of the Chinese oppresive regime, but it’s also in practice in some Western Countries like Italy;

– A ban on entering or leaving certain cities and Regions
– Suspension of demonstrations, events and meetings at public or private venues
– Suspension of childcare, school and educational trips
– Closure of museums
– Suspension of public competitions and public office activities
– Quarantine and surveillance for those who had close contact with infected people
– An obligation for people to report to authorities being in areas with epidemiological risk abroad
– Suspension of work for some businesses and a shut-down of some commercial activities
– Access restrictions or suspension of transport services for cargo and passengers

This is even more absurd knowing that’s there’s only 1049* Current Active Cases of COVID19. This Measures are affecting >100.000 Residents and giving a Huge Blow to Italy GDP not only due to 40% of the output being generated in that region but also because, once again, the hype, it lead to a 90% Cancellation of Bookings in Hotels and Restaurants in all Italian Regions, even in Sicily.

*Source: Offical 01st of March 2020 11:20 GMT Report –

A Bunch more of other Tyrant Rulers launched preventive measures in order to keep their populations “Safe” from this “life-threatening” limiting their freedom and their General Well Being with the reduction of output that will have severe consequences for everyone.

For the Full List of Bans and Restrictions Click Here

Age Groups

As one could see from the graphic above, there are only some sort of serious death rate for those who are >80 years old.
For all other age groups the value is residual like showned by the current statistics.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Not only the virus has a “higher preference” for the >80 years old but also, has the data confirms, he also has a “big apettite” for the ones who already have previous chronic conditions.
The ones who are blessed or have a good lifestyle and therefore no conditions have an easygoing with COVID19

COVID19 vs Standard Seasonal Influenza (Flu)

COVID19 – Corona Virus

Fatalities: 2460*

*1 Month From Jan 22nd to Fev 22nd

Flu Season 19/20 USA Oct – Feb

Fatalities: 12.000
~ Monthly: 3000

Flu Season 17/18 USA

Fatalities: 80.000
~ Monthly: 11.428

W.H.O Flu Fatalities Estimate

Fatalities: 290.000-650.000
~ Monthly: 24.166 – 54.166

The World Health Organization estimates that 290.000-650.000 People die every year, from the “Common Flu”. In the USA Alone, from 01st of October 2019 – 01st of February 2020 – 12.000 People Died Already from the “Common Flu” and the number of death can easily go to 30.000 by the end of the season in May.
This is in the Most Advanced Economy in the World.
In the 2017-2018 Flu Season this number was 80.000 (Flu season goes up to May) in the USA alone, this is, on average, 11428 monthly fatalities.

This makes the “Common Flu” way more lethal than the COVID19.

There’s no disruption in any field of society and no limitations to freedom, like forced quarantine and isolation, restriction of movements, lockdowns, flight restrictions, closed business, not even the postponing of international events like the 6 Nations Rugby Match between Ireland and Italy, Olympic Games, Euro2020 Football, Formula One, Cricket, Premier League, Snooker etc.

For the Full List of Postponned or Cancelled Events or with changes Click Here

How to Compare Corona with H1N1 and Even with the Spanish Flu?

So, how does the COVID19 – Corona Virus – Compares with the Normal Influenza and with the 1918 Outbreak (Spanish Flu)?

Who Gets Infected?

As one can see by the graphic above every age group gets affected, being less affected the >65 years old, but with a much higher fatality rate, not due to the Disease itself but, once again, due to previous conditions like Diabetes, Asthma, Cancer and HIV/ADIS

Who Dies?

The Young (<4 Yo) and the Old ( >65 Yo)
Even Though the >65 Years Old in General get less infected by the H1N1 (Flu) they normally tend to have a higher change of Fatality due to previous conditions that normally affect them. In this specific Case of Spanish Flu vs. Common Flu we have a abnormal spike in Deaths on Individuals who normally are the less affected by the Flu, this was due to this specific strain that affected Individuals with Strong Immune Systems More than the ones who had it more weakened due to a Cytokine Storm Provoked by the Virus.

The Spanish Flu (1918 Outbreak) was, in absolute terms the Biggest Modern Pandemic faced by humanity, and the one that caused the Higher Number of Victims, that was due to several factors previously mentioned as well as the 1st World War that was in place and bad general salubrity conditions and malnourishment and even a medical error of overdosing patients with aspirin.

Measures Being Taken | Comparison with Black Death

Short Story About The Black Death

The Worst Plague in Human History.
It Decimated Entire Towns, Like Bristol in the UK, Villages and Families.
The Estimated Fatalities is Between 75M and 200M in Eurasia. Killing Between 30% to 60% of Europe Population and taking it 200 Years to reach the same number of inhabitants.

It Reached Europe through Messina, a City in Sicily, Italy, 12 Galleys that came from Kaffa, a Crimean City that was Under Siege by the Mongols. The Mongols Threw infected bodies over the walls of the Sieged Town. Genovese Merchants Escaped Kaffa and Headed to Messina, they arrived to its harbour with an handful of men and many deaths already carrying buboes on their body from the Pest.

Brief Consequences of the Black Death

The Black Plague swept Europe and not only Humans, the pandemic affected animals as well, that generated overall famine that also contributed to the growth of the death toll.

Individuals where abandoning the cities into rural areas in a desperate action to save themselves, and that led to a great De-urbanization of Europe and with that the interrumption of trade and services.

Even Officials fled to their homes in the country and sheriffs refused to conduct their business for fear of their lives.

It was the Period that very well know figures like the Grim Reaper, the Dance of the Death, and also The 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse appeared in Paintings.

I Personally Recommend Clicking on the Link to be Redirected to the Website and See the Painting in Full Detail, it’s a Master Piece.

Preventive Measures | The “Birth” of the Quarantine

Only After the Pest started sweeping European cities and villages that some sort of preventive measures have been taken. It was with this Plague that the Term Quarantine was born in the city of Venice, and it consisted in 40 Days of Isolation. Inittialy they applied 30 days, taking the example of the City of Ragusa in 1377, this Isolation was applied to Incoming Ships, and after to anyone who presented symptoms of infection.

The Venetians Even went further and established a Quarantine Island, Lazaretto Vechio.
This was already when the Plague started decimating its inhabitants, killing over than 100.000 People a Big Proportion of its city inhabitants.

The Measures | Only After Thousands of People Perished:
– Turn Away of Merchant Vessels
– Nation Wide Lockdown on Travelling and Trade from Certain Regions
– Residential Lockdowns of Infected individuals and family members.

The Black Death VS. COVID19

If the Governments and Rulers took delayed decisions on dealing with the Black Death failing in containing the widespread of the desease and in some way even contribuing to it, our XXI Century Rulers and Governments “sin” by over exagerating on the measures undertook to contain this innocuous virulent outbreak.

They Doctors even wear the Same Suit type, with the same colours, now we know that fashion always comes back. Even during Pandemics people are worried about their image, at least in the XXI Century.

Source: Artist not known, A Physician Wearing a Seventeenth Century Plague Preventive Costume (seventeenth century), further details not known, The Wellcome Collection, London. Courtesy of The Wellcome Foundation, London, via Wikimedia Commons.

Hazmat Suite For Sale – March 2020

One thing is for sure, if the 14th Century Doctors had this Hazmat Suits for sure they would have been more successfull, at least in not getting infected by the Pest.

But the Point I want to Make is…

COVID19 – 3.4% Fatality Rate, Being the Majority >65 Yo Patients with Previous Conditions.
Does it Really Compare to the Black Death?

Is it really Necessary all of this showing off?

All of this Limitation of Freedom of Movement, Forced Quarantine, all of this Chaos, Hype, Hysteria?

If the Objective is to Maximize the Well Being of the Ordinary Individual, than, Certainly Not.

The Biggest Plague in Manking History

The Biggest Plague in Manking History, the One that has caused the Suffering and Death of the Most Quantity of People for the Most Prolongued Time, going across generation after generation, Killing a High Estimative of 259M Individuals World Wide by 1987 and Still Counting and Enslaving Millions Even in 2020.


Many People Unfortunatelly don’t know about the Genocide carryed by Socialist and Communism Regimes World Wide.

The Biggest Offense to Human Life and Dignity comes from other Humans, in this case an Organization of Humans that Decides the Fate of All the Others Within a Certain Territory. The Government.

There as been No Plague so Deadly in the World as Communism.

The Government should always be the Smallest Possible in Order to not be able to carry any coersion and oppresion over its citizens.


  1. University of Hawai – Power Kills
  2. University of Hawai – Communist Death Toll
  3. The Black Book of Communism
  4. Wikipedia: Mass Killings Under Communist Regimes

There are more Sources, and Estimates Varie depend on the Writer that Accounts for It. In this Graph you can find the Low, Median and High Estimates and interpret the way you want to. The Main Reason for the Variation is in Considering the People who died from Starvation, Forced Labour, Wars etc…
Because If there was no Oppresive Regime this Secondary Effects would not Happen I Personally Go for the High Estimates.

Being Demonstrated that the Biggest Threat to Humanity is Communism we, the people, must give our contribution and remain vigilant (Like Thomas Jefferson once said) in keeping all sorts of Socialism very far away from our communities in all possible senses. As Socialism is the Path to Communism and you can never create Prosperity by Removing from the ones who create value to give to ones who nothing or few contribute.

But this is a Different Debate and Exposition that I’m not going to cover in this Article.

The Chinese Virus

Source: One of the Best Cartoonist Out There: Pat Cross

Just to Finish this Chapter with a Joke, The Biggest Virus China has, is, indeed it’s Political Regime that Killed >100M People and Continually Violates the Human Dignity of it’s Own People.

The Great Warriors of Hong Kong that The Media Ignores are Fighting for their Freedom on a Daily Basis against China Communism Republic. As Many others did before without any success.

After being a little bit more peacefull in regards to Health Concerns, now, let’s come to what should really worry you in the times you are going to be at “Quarantine” and with plenty of time to think about.

Click Here, for Part 2

Covid19: The End of Mankind?

Covid19: The End of Mankind?

COVID19: The End of Mankind?If there’s something that the Corona Virus (COVID19) came to prove, once again, is the Power of Communication, Repetition and that the world of today is the same of 2000 Years Ago. Only the tools changed. One of the Most Innocuous Virus...

The Winter is Coming: The Next Global Recession

The Winter is Coming: The Next Global Recession

The Human being is a fascinating creature, only 10 years have passed since the collapse of the Lehman Brothers and with it, a significant portion of “wealth” of the western economies.
The Central Bank policies of printing money through quantitative easing halted the sinking of the ship, but the damage was still there, it was only a short relief with serious consequences.

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