A Little Bit About me.

I was born and raised in the coastal city of Porto in Portugal. At the age of 25, I moved to Dublin – Ireland – following a career opportunity. It was one of the best decision I could have ever made. Dublin and its citizens embraced me since day one and made me feel like one of their own.

An Entrepreneur since a Child

Since young, I demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit, that is easily seen through the several ventures I have launched and to some groups I helped to raise. When I was in Primary School, and I was around 6-7, I started a “Business” I bought stationery with my pocket money in the supermarket, and I sold it to my classmates and the other kids in school with a profit. When I was 8 years old, I wrote a “book” with around 20 pages that was an imaginary tale of me as the group leader and all my school friends fighting the villains. It had images and everything 😎 I took them from the web, I still wasn’t aware of copyrights protection. I was able to sell almost 20 home-printed, stapled pages for €5 each, with a Table and Chair that I placed in the street in front of my house and at my school. My father then came telling me that I had to pay him a part of the revenue because I have used paper and ink and I totally understood him and happily gave him a part of the “profit” that he rejected but the lesson was given. Alongside that, I spent my time playing football inspired by football legends like Luis Figo, David Beckam, Rivaldo, Zidane, Thierry Henry and others.

Later on, when I was a teenager, I found an International Group of Poetry and Opinion Texts in Portuguese with members from both Portugal and Brazil. I created a website with the newly created platform Wix to post and host the content, and the material was published on Facebook. This project lasted for 2 years. When I was in University taking my Degree in Marketing, I created a Brand that sold High-Quality Stainless Steel Man Jewelry that came from both China and Australia, I created a Website in the old Joomla CMS to operate an online shop. The Website itself was a failure, but the majority of goods were sold on Facebook resorting to Facebook ads and the creation of a strong Brand Mantra and of course the minimal number of competitors in the market. I Sold my stock almost in full, I broke even and made a “few bucks” out of this project. The reason why I undertook it was because I saw an opportunity in the market and I wanted to put in practice what I had learned in the University. It was a great experience.

Since 2020 I’m an Editor of the World Marketing Forum. The WMF is a project where Marketers from all over the world contribute with Articles, Insights and Resources to other Marketers, Undergraduates and Business Owners. It aims to be a Reference in Marketing worldwide.

My Contribution to Society

Because not all is resumed to business or about myself, I engaged in a North American no-profit organisation called PragerU that has the mission of promoting Freedom, Equality, Truth and Clarity for free to everyone in the world with a more significant focus on North America and Europe. After a short period of time in the organisation, I became the group leader of the European and Brazilian “market” to expand the reach of the organisation, recruiting new members and maintaining the current ones active. Due to this work, I was rewarded with an interview with the founder of the organisation (Dennis Prager) on his Morning Radio Show in Los Angelos.

Even not being in Portugal, I continue to have an active role in defence of Freedom and Equality as I belong to a group of economists that bring awareness on how the market operates and what are the conditions and policies that maximise the wellbeing and prosperity of a nation and it’s citizens. The Project is called “Lei dos Mercados” (The Law of the Market) my role is to contribute with content and also with the development of the website of the project.

João R Freitas

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Personal Details

Date of Birth: 13 December 1993
Nationality: Portuguese
Current Location: Ireland

Influences: Plato, Marcus Aurelius, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Edmund Burke, Aya Rand,

Interests: History, Anthropology, Philosophy, Geography, Automation

Hobbies: Debating, Gym, Swiming, Hiking, Honda CBR 1000RR, Classical Music Concerts, Reading

My Favourite ❤️

Sports: Rugby
Athlete: Cristiano Ronaldo
Car: Bentley Continental GT
Motorbike: MV Augusta F4
Colour: Deep Ocean Blue 

Professional Details

Field: Economics, Marketing, Management, Sales, Consumer Behaviour

Academia Influences: Adam Smith, Ludwig Von Mises, Murray Rothbard, Friedrich Hayek, Milton Friedman, Jesús Huerta de Soto

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